Children deserve supports and experiences that nurture their curiosity and capacity to learn from the very beginning of life through adulthood.

We aim to align the systems that prepare kids for college, career and civic life. We work to ensure children receive high-quality early care and education and enter school ready to learn. We advocate for a TK-12 system that provides students with a rigorous academic experience with highly-qualified and trained teachers, in environments that are safe, have the supports they need to succeed, and where students feel connected and the community is engaged. We also aspire to increase access to higher education and opportunities for young adults in the workforce.

Our Areas of Work

Home Visiting

Developmental Screenings

Early Intervention

Child Care

Preschool & Transitional Kindergarten

Early Learning Workforce Compensation & Training

Education for Dual Language & English Learners

TK-12 Funding

Academic Outcomes

STEM Education

Teacher Pipeline, Preparation, & Placement

School Climate & Discipline

Student Attendance

School-Based Health Services

Afterschool & Summer Learning

Higher Education

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Children Now is led by the top children’s research, policy, communications and advocacy experts. With decades of experience in their specific areas, our experts work closely with policymakers and influential leaders throughout the state to craft, promote, enact and implement scalable change for kids.

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