Children deserve timely, quality, affordable, coordinated and culturally-sensitive health care, nutrition, and other services that allow them to learn, grow, and thrive.

We aim to provide caregivers with the support they need to foster their kids’ healthy development from before they are born. We advocate for a system that provides timely, quality, affordable, coordinated, and culturally-sensitive medical, dental, and mental health services of all children and addresses social factors and determinants that contribute to children’s health. We lift up the unique needs of children that are often forgotten in the health system and promote efficient care with an emphasis on prevention, early detection, and disease management.

Our Areas of Work

Home Visiting

Developmental Screenings

Early Intervention

Health Coverage

Health Care Access & Coordination

Mental Health & Building Resilience

Childhood Trauma

Oral Health Care

School-Based Health Services

Food Security

Obesity Prevention

Recent News

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Meet the health experts.

Children Now’s staff is highly respected across the state for their research, policy, communications, and network building expertise on child-serving systems, financing, programs, and practices. With decades of experience in their specific areas, our experts work closely with policymakers and influential leaders throughout the state to craft, promote, enact and implement scalable change for kids.

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