Alliance for Student Success

Building a voice for students, and a space in leadership

The Alliance for Student Success consists of organizations that advocate on behalf of students, parents, community members, and educators in our state’s public schools. Children Now works to facilitate a meeting of the minds to rally behind the common belief that all schools and districts must address long-standing inequities of opportunity and should offer every student an excellent education that prepares them for college, career, and civic life. Together with Teach Plus, Ed Voice, and Ed Trust West, Children Now organizes the alliance to be a comprehensive and collaborative initiative dedicated to empowering students and enhancing their educational journeys. We bring together educators, charter schools, institutions, policymakers, and student, parent, and community interest groups to create a cohesive and supportive network that addresses key challenges in education and ensures the success of every student.

Pillars of the Alliance

Equitable Education: The Alliance strives to provide equitable access to quality education for all students, regardless of their background, socioeconomic status, or abilities. To achieve this, the state will need to overcome significant achievement and opportunity gaps among student groups. 

Student-Centered Approach: The Alliance’s work places students at the center of its efforts, tailoring strategies, and initiatives to meet their diverse needs, aspirations, and learning styles. 

Holistic Support: Recognizing that student success extends beyond academics, the alliance offers holistic support encompassing mental health services, career guidance, financial aid resources, and more. 

Data-Driven Insights: Leveraging data analytics, the Alliance identifies trends, challenges, and areas of improvement, enabling evidence-based decision-making to enhance educational outcomes. 

Collaborative Ecosystem: The Alliance fosters collaboration among educational institutions, government bodies, nonprofit organizations, and local communities, working together to amplify the impact of collective efforts. 

Key Initiatives

Access to Resources

The alliance coordinates efforts to provide students with access to essential resources such as technology, community, networks, and access to real world policy planning. 

Policy Advocacy

The alliance engages with policymakers to advocate for policies that support educational equity, funding, and reforms, ensuring a conducive environment for student success.  

Community Engagement

The program facilitates partnerships between educational institutions and local communities, creating a seamless connection between students’ academic experiences and real-world contexts.

Measurement and Impact

The alliance employs a combination of quantitative and qualitative metrics to assess its impact. Key indicators include graduation rates, academic performance, student satisfaction, and success in post-educational endeavors such as employment and further education.

Alliance For Student Success Members

Children Now
Teach Plus
Ed Voice
Ed Trust West

Parent and Community Engagement groups 

Innovate Public Schools – Parent and family organization and advocacy.  

It’s Our Turn – Student voice advocacy group. 

Families in Schools – parent and community engagement organization. 

Para Los Niños – Latino parent and community support group. 

Go Public Schools – Parent and Community engagement organization. 


Teacher Reform Groups 

Future is Now – Organizes and supports effective teachers (Steve Barr). 

Teach for America – Group supporting young teachers focused on becoming future leaders.  

Educators for Excellence – Supports teachers to become education leaders.  


California Business Roundtable – Business advocacy group associated with the Cal Chamber (not actively involved recently). 

LA Focused School/Community Reform 

Great Public Schools Now – LA focused school reform organization.  

Alliance for a Better Community – LA based policy advocacy organization focused on Latino power. 


Charter School Groups 

KIPP SoCal – charter school provider 10K students and 24 schools.  

LA Coalition for Excellent Public Schools – charter school network (51K of students and 112 schools).  

California Charter School Association – advances charter school movement through advocacy. 

Green Dot – Charter School Network of 18 schools in LA region. Note teachers are unionized. 

Partnership for LA Schools – A network of 20 LAUSD schools. Started by Mayor Villaraigosa when he tried to take over the school district. Serve some of the highest need communities in LAUSD.  

LA Alliance – Charter school network (12.5K kids in 26 schools). 

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