Student Leadership Summit

Children Now’s 2023 Summit for Student Leaders was held in October to great success! The event featured a variety of incredible leaders that today’s youth organizers prioritized. We are thrilled that 140 youth leaders and advocates were able to actively engage in the Summit!  

Here is a sample of comments we received from the participants highlighting the personal impact of the Summit:  

“Big change starts small. I learned that anyone is capable of starting to implement changes in their communities through schools, and there will be a lot of support along the way! People will always want to help for the greater good!” 

“I found a universal lesson from the presentations given, and that is that I need to find my voice and find what I am passionate about. There are all kinds of opportunities for me out there, but it is only a matter of me speaking up and finding those resources that can help me make that change that I want to see.” 

You can view the Summit for yourself here:  

Day 1 

Day 2 

Stay tuned for further information about the Summit for Student Leaders program. If you wish to be involved in next year’s planning, outreach and engagement efforts, please fill out the form here: 

As students, how do we want to be heard? How do we make our voices count?

On October 6 and 7,  join students from all around California for a free and virtual summit at the 2023 Summit for Student Leaders!

The goal of this 1.5-day online summit is to support the development and engagement of student leaders and to strengthen student voice’s impact on policy. The program will also support stronger connections among students and deepen their ability to collectively make a difference in California together.

A word from our organizer

Frequently Asked Questions

This 1.5-day Summit is an opportunity for student leaders across the state to gain a better understanding of the policymaking process around education issues to support their advocacy, as well as an opportunity to create connections with other student leaders, mentors, and policymakers.

For too long, student voice in public policymaking has been marginalized and under-valued, exemplified by patronizing phrases like “leaders of tomorrow.” Students are today’s leaders, and their voices and lived experiences should play a major role in policy development and implementation at the school, district, and state level.

The goal of the Summit is to support the development and engagement of well-informed student leaders, so student voices have a stronger impact on policy change.

The Summit will be held virtually over 1.5 days over October 6 and 7, 2023. We will be hosting a pre-conference event on Friday October 6th from 5-8pm PST, with a full program to follow on Saturday, October 7, 2023, 10am-5pm PST.

Any student with an interest in creating change, leadership and policymaking is invited to attend. We plan to partner with student leaders and representatives around the state to create an impactful Summit. Students ages 13 and up are encouraged to register!

How can I help?

We are currently looking for student volunteers. If you’re interested in joining our recruitment team, please fill out the volunteer form.

Supporting the Summit for Student Leaders is an opportunity to be recognized as a champion of student leadership in California. Fill out our sponsorship form here to contribute to our conference.