Summit for Student Leaders

As students, how do we want to be heard? How do we make our voices count? This fall, join students from all around California for a free, virtual Summit at the 2024 Summit for Student Leaders!

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What is the Summit for Student Leaders?

The goal for this summit is to support the development and engagement of student leaders and to strengthen student voice’s impact on policy. The program will also support stronger connections among students and deepen their ability to collectively make a difference in California together.

Volunteer Opportunities

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We’re looking for student volunteers! If you’re interested in joining our recruitment team, please fill out the volunteer form.

Sponsor the Summit

Supporting the Summit for Student Leaders is an opportunity to be recognized as a champion of student leadership in California. Fill out our sponsorship form here to contribute to our conference. 

Watch last year’s 2023 Summit

Children Now’s 2023 Summit for Student Leaders was held in October to great success.

Frequently Asked Questions

The virtual Summit is an opportunity for student leaders across California to share their perspectives on the issues that matter most to them, unify around their experiences and ideas, and create connections with each other, mentors and local leaders.

For too long, student voice in public policymaking has been marginalized and under-valued, exemplified by patronizing phrases like “leaders of tomorrow.” Students are today’s leaders, and their voices and lived experiences should play a major role in policy development and implementation at the school, district, and state level.

The goal of the Summit is to support the development and engagement of student leaders, so their collective voices have a stronger impact on policy change.

Happening Fall 2024, virtually!

Any student age 13 and up with an interest in leadership, policymaking and creating change is encouraged to attend. We are partnering with student leaders and representatives from across California to create an impactful experience and your involvement and input will help make the Summit stronger than ever.