730 Pro-Kid organizations showed their support for kids in foster care and their families

April 26, 2019

Last spring, more than 610 Children’s Movement members signed on to a letter in support of FURS, a coordinated Response System to be made available to kids in foster care and their caregivers in order to strengthen their bond and link youth and families to longer-term, community-based supports and services needed to support them and foster a healing environment. While the California State Legislature unanimously passed the FURS bill (AB 2043), and it received a great level of support from the community, AB 2043 was ultimately vetoed by Governor Brown.

This year, more than 730 Pro-Kid organizations signed on to the budget letter. Their support is already making a big impact on this important issue! To learn more about FURS and why we need it, read this Q&A with Susanna Kniffen, Children Now Senior Director of Child Welfare Policy.