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The Children’s Movement of California® is a network of direct service, business, parent, student, civil rights, faith, and community groups who care about kids and want to see public policies that support their best interests.

California ranks 35th out of 50 states in children’s wellbeing. By becoming a member of The Children’s Movement, and joining together with thousands of others, you can make kids California’s top priority.

By becoming a member of The Children’s Movement you are adding your voice to improve the lives of all kids in California.  You’ll gain access to valuable information regarding the wellbeing and status our state’s children.  You’ll also have opportunities to demonstrate your support of kids by signing onto support statements that push lawmakers to make children’s health, education, and wellbeing their priority

Membership is free – there is never a financial obligation to be a member of The Children’s Movement.

Opt-In Advocacy – you can choose what campaigns to sign-on to. By joining, you are not taking a policy stance other than that you are Pro-Kid.

Simple Method of Participation – joining The Movement is not a large commitment. You simply will receive information and have the opportunity to sign letters.

Connectedness to a Trusted Resource on Children’s Issues – The Children’s Movement is connected to policy experts that keep you up to date on pressing children’s issues.

Make a difference – By signing onto support statements, you will affect large change that will benefit California’s kids.

Learn about issues – The Children’s Movement gives you the opportunity to learn about challenges kids face.

Saves you time – The Children’s Movement gives you access to in-depth information so you don’t have to research it yourself, and the ability to advocate for kids in a few quick clicks.

Invest in your community – Your advocacy affects the kids that live in your home town. The Children’s Movement seeks to ensure a high quality of life for every child.

Show You’re Pro-Kid – When you join The Children’s Movement, you will be designated as a Pro-Kid organization on our website.

Being up to date on the issues kids face is important.  The Children’s Movement shares valuable information so that you know what is going on with kids in your community.  Examples include:

  • 2018 California Children’s Report Card – The Report Card shows the vast majority of our state’s children face extraordinary challenges to reaching their full potential. See how California is doing on a wide array of children’s issues.  See the Report Card here!
  • 2020-21 California County Scorecard of Children’s Well-Being – The Scorecard is an interactive tool that shows how each county in California is doing by kids. See the Scorecard here!

Together, we have helped get the best interests of kids over the political finish line on numerous occasions.

The Children’s Movement has worked on protecting the Affordable Care Act to ensure that kids in California have access to health coverage.

Collectively, we have worked to establish the Family Urgent Response System, a statewide coordinated response hotline that youth in foster care and caregivers can call to get support during times of transition or crisis. The Family Urgent Response System will help youth stay in stable, loving homes with the support they need.  Together, The Children’s Movement generated more than 700 organization sign-ons in support of foster youth.

Over 500 organizations supported the implementation of new home visiting system. Voluntary, evidence-based home visiting programs match new and expectant parents with trained professionals who provide ongoing, individualized support during critical points in pregnancy and throughout a child’s first year(s) of life. By reaching families early in their transition into parenthood, and linking them with resources and information, home visiting programs are a critical piece of a broader, multi- faceted system of services and supports.

These three wins for kids highlight the amazing work we can accomplish as one collective voice.