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The Children’s Movement of California is a dynamic network of more than 5,000 direct service, business, parent, student, civil rights, faith, and community groups from across the state who care about kids and want to see public policies that support their best interests.

California ranks 35th out of 50 states in children’s well-being. By becoming a member of The Children’s Movement and joining alongside thousands of others, you can make kids California’s top priority.

Add your voice to improve the lives of all kids in California.  You’ll gain access to valuable information and have opportunities to demonstrate your support of kids by signing onto support statements that push lawmakers to make children’s health, education, and well-being their priority.

Make a difference through opt-in advocacy – you choose what campaigns to participate in. By signing support statements aligned with your priorities, you affect large change that will benefit California’s kids.

Learn about issues – Being up to date on kids issues is important.  The Children’s Movement shares valuable resources like these so that you know what is going on with kids in your community:

  • California Children’s Report Card – See how California is doing on a wide array of children’s issues here.
  • California County Scorecard of Children’s Well-Being The Scorecard is a robust interactive tool on how each county is doing by kids across the indicators that matter most. Explore your county’s data here.

Save time – Gain access to in-depth information and timely invitations to participate in children’s advocacy with just a few quick clicks.

Show you’re Pro-Kid – Stand alongside more than 5,000 organizations across the state who also believe that kids need to be better supported in California. Your organization will be designated as a Pro-Kid organization on our website and you’ll be celebrated as a member of this diverse and effective network.

Together, we have helped get the best interests of kids over the political finish line. The Movement has achieved several significant wins for kids, including:

  • Parents and caregivers now have greater access to critical bonding time: In September 2022, this letter was signed by more than 300 organizations urging the Governor to sign Senate Bill 951 and expand Paid Family Leave and State Disability Insurance to better support workers who take time off to support their families. Two weeks after the letter was delivered, the Governor signed the bill, increasing wage replacement from 60 percent to 90 percent of one’s income for low wage workers.
  • Additional supports for child care: Our grassroots advocacy through this letter in June 2022 helped secure key supports for child care in the 2022-23 State budget, including a $157.3 million fee waiver for families receiving subsidized child care and $100 million for child care infrastructure grants.
  • Financial relief secured for more than 500,000 kids and families: A letter signed by more than 450 organizations requesting that Medi-Cal premiums be eliminated in the 2022-23 State Budget was delivered in November 2021. As a result, the State made an ongoing general fund investment to zero out Medi-Cal premiums, increasing access to health care services for more than half a million kids and families.
  • Securing critical investments in early care and education and mental health: In 2021, the Children’s Movement coordinated two letters – that had more than 1,800 organizational sign-ons combined – highlighting top budget priorities, including calling for an investment of at least $5 billion in child care, including new state dollars on top of federal funds. The final 2021-22 State Budget included all of our asks.
  • Trauma-informed support for kids in foster care: Collectively, we worked to establish and support the Family Urgent Response System, a 24/7 statewide hotline and mobile response system to ensure youth in foster care and their caregivers can access trauma-informed supports.
  • Historic home visiting state budget win: More than 500 organizations joined us in advocating for a multi-year investment in home visiting. The CalWORKs Home Visiting Initiative was adopted – the first-ever state investment in home visiting – and included an initial investment of $158.5 million over three years.

And we’re just getting started!

These wins for kids highlight the amazing work we can accomplish as one collective voice.

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