We’re All in This Together – COVID-19 Statement and Resources

Updated April 15th, 2020

Children Now is deeply concerned about the severe impact of the novel coronavirus on California’s children and families, especially children of color, families in poverty, families that are undocumented, and kids experiencing or who have experienced trauma.

During this time, we are continuing to keep children and their families at the center of our work. We are diligently monitoring a range of national, state and local updates and changes to guidelines as they are affecting children and families, as well as our diverse partners and government agencies. We are weighing in as appropriate to ensure that kids’ needs are being met, while recognizing the critical role of government and their need to move quickly to address the constantly evolving nature of this pandemic.

As an organization, we are also focused on how children and families, particularly those most vulnerable, will be impacted as we emerge from this health crisis and the effects of the economic recession. It is imperative that as we come out of this crisis, kids are the state’s top priority. We will continue to take a whole-child approach to assessing the path forward with perspectives on child care, preschool, K-12 education, family supports, physical health, mental well-being, and child welfare.

Let’s work together and do what we can to stay safe during this difficult time, so that we can emerge from this crisis with a renewed focus on what matters – ensuring our kids have the quality supports and services they need to grow up healthy and thrive.

COVID-19 Infographic


While there is a lot of information being shared right now, it can be hard to keep track of all the available resources. The state of California has created a website dedicated to providing updates and information about COVID-19, which can be accessed here: www.covid19.ca.gov

We’ve also compiled key resources related to kids and families in the table below and will continue to refresh this table as we receive new resources or updated information.

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