How the Pandemic is Affecting Every Aspect of Children’s Lives

The State Must Take Steps to Address the Complex Needs of Children and Families

By Children Now Research Team

Updated January 2021

Children Now is deeply concerned by the impact the COVID-19 pandemic is having on kids and their families. California was ranked 35th nationally in children’s well-being before this public health crisis began. Pre-existing inequities in our child-serving systems will only widen, especially for children of color, as a result of the pandemic. The State needs to take steps to address these inequities. First and foremost is ensuring children’s physical health and mental well-being, but there are so many other complex needs that kids have, which must also be addressed: food security, education supports and safe spaces during school closures, access to child care, and economic supports for families during a time of financial uncertainty.

The Children Now research team developed the infographic below to highlight how the pandemic is affecting children and their families, and the steps the State can take to address many of these key issues.