2021 Key Child Welfare Policies

These resources highlight policy opportunities in 2021 to help ensure children and youth in foster care find safety, stability and success, and to learn more about California’s child welfare system.

The Policies

2021 Key Child Welfare Policy Issues

This overview summarizes issues critical to the well-being of children and youth in foster care that the Legislature should consider and act on in 2021.

Stability for Children and Youth in Foster Care

Caregivers, children, and youth must have access to supports that are designed to stabilize placements and strengthen relationships.

Child Care for Foster Children

Child care is critical to finding and maintain stable placements for our youngest children in foster care.

Family Urgent Response System (FURS) Implementation

Now more than ever children and youth currently or formerly in foster care and their caregivers need access to 24/7 trauma-informed supports.

Education of Students in Foster Care

With proper supports and services, students in foster care can overcome the unique barriers to education they face and thrive academically.

Pandemic-Driven Learning Loss Amongst Students in Foster Care

Students in foster care need critical educational supports to help them recover from and prevent further pandemic-driven learning loss.

Transparency and Accountability for Students in Foster Care

Improved transparency around the targeted supports provided and broader data collection and analysis are key to improving the educational outcomes of students in foster care.

Housing Stability for Transition Age Youth in Foster Care

Significant work remains to be done to ensure youth currently and formerly in foster care have access to the housing they need to stabilize.

Promoting the Health and Well-Being of Current and Former Foster Youth

To heal from prior trauma, current and former foster youth need access to comprehensive health services tailored to their individual needs.

Family First Prevention Services Act (Family First) Implementation

Family First must be implemented thoughtfully to better serve families, while keeping them together.

Opportunities to Learn More

Child Welfare Policy Roundtable

Co-hosted by the Assembly Foster Care Select Committee and Children Now, this monthly meeting highlights the major child welfare and foster care issues facing California.

Child Welfare Policy at Children Now
We aim to transform the child welfare system to ensure youth in foster care thrive.

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