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The Child Welfare Policy Roundtable highlights the major child welfare and foster care issues facing California, visions for systemic reform, and policy opportunities to improve the lives of our state’s most vulnerable children and youth. This monthly meeting features a panel of policymakers, practitioners, advocates and former foster youth and provides an informal opportunity to learn and ask questions about California’s child welfare system. Legislative staff, advocates, stakeholders, and the public are invited to join the conversation. For meeting information or if you are having problems accessing any of the below materials, please contact Sara Fung at [email protected].

June 2024: Governor’s May Revision – Additional Cuts to Children and Youth in Foster Care

Overview of the May Revision
Angela Short, Principal Fiscal and Policy Analyst, [email protected]
Legislative Analyst’s Office,

The Emergency Child Care Bridge Program for Foster Children
LaWanda Wesley, Ed.D., Director of Government Relations, [email protected]
Maria Romo, Government Relations Specialist, [email protected]
Child Care Resource Center,

Caregiver Approvals
Eileen Cubanski, Interim Executive Director, [email protected]
County Welfare Directors Association of California,

Bringing Families Home
Jeff Oxford, Assistant Program Director, [email protected]
Kern County Human Services,

The Potential Impact of Budget Cuts on Children, Youth, and Families in Foster Care
Jenn Rexroad, Executive Director, [email protected]
California Alliance of Caregivers,

Past Meeting Materials

Youth & Young Adult Homelessness in CA: Data Overview
Cody Zeger, Policy Director, [email protected]
Shahera Hyatt, Council Analyst, [email protected]
California Interagency Council on Homelessness,

Perspectives from Youth with Lived Experience
Zak Franet, Vice Chair of All Home California’s Community Advisory Council

SB 1079 (Menjivar): Youth Housing Bond Act of 2024
Sherilyn Adams, Chief Executive Officer, [email protected]
Larkin Street Youth Services,

AB 2674 (Shiavo): The California Affordable and Foster Youth Housing Finance Innovation Act
Daniel Heimpel, Founder, [email protected]
Kevin Clark, Senior Director, [email protected]
Good River Partners,

Homeless Housing, Assistance, and Prevention Program and AB 2520 (Ramos): Housing: Youth-Specific Processes and Coordinated Entry Systems
Kim Lewis, Partner, [email protected]
Lewis Advocacy,

CDSS Foster Care Rate Reform Proposal
Angie Schwartz, Deputy Director, Children and Family Services Division, [email protected]
California Department of Social Services,

County Perspectives on the Foster Care Rates Proposal
Eileen Cubanski, Interim Executive Director, [email protected]
County Welfare Directors Association of California,

Ensuring that Youth and Families Have the Stability They Need Through Rate Reform
Chris Stoner-Mertz, Chief Executive Officer, [email protected]
California Alliance of Child and Family Services,

Opportunity, Questions, and Funding (Finally!): An Analysis of the Proposed Rates Structure
Brian Blalock, Senior Directing Attorney, [email protected]
Youth Law Center,

Caregiver Perspectives on the Foster Care Rates Proposal
Jenn Rexroad, Co-Founder and Executive Director, [email protected]
California Alliance of Caregivers,

Stand with Youth
Anna Gennari, Director of Operations and Strategy, [email protected]
California Youth Connection,

Alliance for Children’s Rights,
Kristin Power, Vice President, Policy and Advocacy, [email protected]

California Alliance of Child and Family Services,
Adrienne Shilton, Vice President, Public Policy and Strategy, [email protected]

Catbird Strategies,
Cathy Senderling-McDonald, CEO, [email protected]

Children’s Law Center of California,
Julie McCormick, Senior Policy Attorney, [email protected]

County Welfare Directors Association of California,
Amanda Kirchner, Director of Legislative Advocacy, [email protected]

John Burton Advocates for Youth,
Jessica Petrass, Associate Director of Education, [email protected]

Lewis Advocacy,
Kim Lewis, Partner, [email protected]

California’s 2024-25 Budget Proposal
Angela Short, Principal Fiscal and Policy Analyst, [email protected]
Legislative Analyst’s Office,

The Family Urgent Response System (FURS)
Amanda Miller McKinney, Senior Associate, Child Welfare Policy, [email protected]
Children Now,

 The Housing Navigation & Maintenance Program (HNMP) and the Supervised Independent Living Placement (SILP) Housing Supplement
Simone Tureck Lee, Director of Housing and Health, [email protected]
John Burton Advocates for Youth,

 Public Health Nurse Los Angeles County Pilot Program
Craig A. Vincent-Jones, MHA, Deputy Director, Children’s Medical Services, [email protected]
Los Angeles County Department of Public Health,

 The Potential Impact of Eliminating Programs on Youth
Christopher Hernandez, Statewide Legislative Coordinator, [email protected]
California Youth Connection,

The Role Research Plays in Deepening Understanding of Transition Age Youth Services and Supports
Andrea Lane Eastman, PhD, Co-Director, Transition-Age Youth Research & Evaluation Hub, [email protected]
California Child Welfare Indicators Project,

Effective Transitional Housing Programs for Young Adults Exiting Foster Care
Colleen Pagter, Director of Public Policy, [email protected]
First Place for Youth,

Empowering Transition Age Youth through Mentorship
Kecia Sakazaki, Co-Founder and Program Director, [email protected]

Recommendations to Reform California’s Independent Living Program
Danielle Wondra, Senior Policy and Outreach Associate, [email protected]
Children Now,

An Overview of the Youth Development Services Division and Independent Living Program
Robbie Odom, Division Chief, Youth Development Services Division, [email protected]
Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services,

The Impacts of Authentic Youth Engagement
Amber Twitchell, Director, [email protected]
VOICES Youth Services,

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