Small interactions in the community spark learning in young children!

As a person in the community, you can help children learn through everyday interactions in different spaces in your neighborhood! Every setting help spark’s children’s curiosity and learning about the world around them.


The back and forth interactions between parents, babies, and others who are shopping help the baby learn about positive social interactions — A friendly face smiling back sparks neurons in babies’ brains that help them make connections!

Ice cream shop

A mom and her toddler are sitting on a bench eating their ice cream next to someone else, who is also enjoying their ice cream. A friendly “hello” and a smile encourage the toddler to smile back and interact with this person — perhaps pointing out the sprinkles on their ice cream, or the color of the bench and the flowers on her dress, all while they sit and enjoy their ice cream. This short interaction helps toddlers use their budding communication skills.

The spaces in our communities help kids learn about the world around them.


The perfect place to learn about literacy! Young children have so many books to look at and hold, all the while seeing the different people that come and go. Libraries introduce children of all ages to the love of reading, even when they are too young to read. In addition, preparing toddlers to go to the library and setting their expectations helps them learn more about the world around them, and the rules to follow in certain social settings.

Doctor’s Office

Nurses and doctors are all looking out for the health and well-being of young children from the moment they’re born! As they grow and visit their office for check-ups, babies and toddlers are getting more comfortable with doctor’s visits and learning little by little about their health.


Toddlers not only interact with their caregivers, but with their peers as well! Through play, they are learning to gain more control of their movements and about social behavior.


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