Talking with Kids®


A tsunami in Japan, an earthquake in India, or a hurricane thousands of miles away can seem so close to home when it is reported on the news. Let your child know the facts about these types of disasters. Millions of people got on airplanes today and arrived safely to where they were going. Occasionally very few people get hurt, even killed, when a plane crashes. Simply because we see these thing on the news, doesn’t make it any more likely they will happen to us. You may even want to speak with your child about the many people who are working to help those affected by disasters.

Even when the disaster happens closer to home, speak to your child about what she can do to make sure she stays safe. While we may not be able to predict or control these disasters, there are things we can do. If you live in a tornado region or earthquake area, make sure you go over safety procedures as a family. Come up with a plan on what you will do in an emergency.

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