Setting a Medi-Cal Child Health Quality Agenda

More than half of California children rely on Medi-Cal for health care‭, ‬including access to critical preventive check-ups and other important health care services to ensure that children can stay healthy and on target developmentally‭. ‬Especially for younger children‭, ‬quality health care through Medi-Cal has the potential to improve their lifetime trajectories‭, ‬overall population health‭, ‬and long-run efficiencies‭. ‬Measuring and tracking the quality of health care delivered to children in Medi-Cal is the first step to assuring access to services‭, ‬improving the quality of services‭, ‬enhancing the patient experience‭, ‬and establishing efficiencies that can improve health outcomes‭. ‬This brief reviews the current Medi-Cal landscape of child health quality measurement and provides immediate‭, ‬ongoing‭, ‬and longer-term recommendations on how the state can move forward in setting a Medi-Cal child‭ ‬health quality measurement agenda for 2019‭ ‬and beyond to advance and improve child health outcomes‭. ‬