Accountability for Medi-Cal Children’s Preventive Services: Medi-Cal Health Plans are Key to the Preventive Care Guarantee for Kids

The vast majority of kids with Medi-Cal – 92% – access health care services through a managed care plan. According to the Department of Health Care Services (DHCS), which contracts with Medi-Cal health plans, “managed care plans are a cost-effective use of health care resources that improve health care access and assure quality of care.” However, recently released state data show that Medi-Cal health plans are failing to ensure California’s children and youth access to the basic preventive health services that are critical to promoting their overall health and well-being and to which they are entitled under federal law. The report findings document troubling trends in children’s utilization of preventive care and highlight the urgent and bold action DHCS must take to hold contracted Medi-Cal health plans accountable for providing preventive health services to kids.