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Proposed Trump Administration Rule Targets Hardworking Immigrant Families, Undermines the Health and Well-Being of California’s Children

Children Now rallies thousands of members of The Children’s Movement to solicit public comments opposing the proposed rule change

Oakland, Calif. – Today, the Trump Administration published a proposed rule change to the “public charge” test that jeopardizes the health and well-being of California’s children, and immigrant families on the path to U.S. citizenship across America.

Part of federal immigration law for over 100 years, the “public charge” test is designed to identify people who may depend on the government as their main source of support. If the government determines that a person is likely to become a “public charge,” it can deny a person admission to the U.S. or lawful permanent residence (often referenced as “green card” status).

The Administration is now proposing to change this long-standing policy by broadly expanding the forms of public assistance counted when making a “public charge” determination. This would force immigrant families to make an impossible choice between meeting basic health, nutrition and housing needs, and keeping their families together in this country.

The proposal would make — and has already made — immigrant families afraid to seek programs that support their basic needs. These programs help them stay strong and productive, and raise children who thrive. In California, this issue impacts millions of people who contribute socially, economically, and civically to our communities and our state.

“Children Now is strongly opposed to the proposed changes to the ‘public charge’ test,” said Children Now President Ted Lempert. “Rather than creating additional barriers for hardworking immigrant families to overcome, we should be focused on enacting policies that improve the lives of all children .”

“Nearly half of the state’s children live in immigrant families. They are part of the very fabric of California, contributing economically, socially, and civically to our state,” Lempert continued. “Kids living in immigrant families already face significant threats to their stability and stressful experiences that disrupt their healthy development and ability to thrive. It is critical to their futures, our state and our country, that this rule change does not move forward.”

Children Now is coordinating a campaign through The Children’s Movement to submit public comments to oppose the rule change in the next 60 days. Anyone interested in participating can

visit This campaign is part of a national effort, Protecting Immigrant Families (PIF), to solicit more than 100,000 public comments nationally opposing this rule change. All Americans, regardless of citizenship status, are encouraged to tell the government why this rule is harmful to children and families.


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