STEM Resource Inventory Help & FAQs

Find a STEM Program

The Inventory offers options to search for programs by program name and filter the list of programs by several criteria. Program filter options include

  • Subject Area
  • Location
  • Program Type (summer, field trip, professional learning, etc.)
  • Target Audience (students, educators, and families)
  • Target Demographics
  • Grade Levels Served
  • County and School District Severed
  • Location

You can access the filter tool by clicking on the Filter button located on the Program listing page, or by clicking on the more search options link from the home page.

Find a STEM Program Provider

In addition to searching for a program, the inventory also allows for searching for a specific provider. You can search for a provider by name or use one or more filters to narrow your search. Filter options for Providers include

  • Provider Type (non-profit, government agency, etc.)
  • Location (address)
  • Program Type (summer, field trip, professional learning, etc.)
  • County Served

Update Your Program or Provider Information

The California STEM Network invites STEM program providers to keep their inventory listing current to maximize the utility of the listing. Providers may update their information by logging into the inventory under the “manage my profile” link from the inventory’s menu. From this link you can log-in, set, or re-set your password. If your email does not match one in our system, please email [email protected] to request administrative access to the program. If possible, please send the email from the account that matches the URL of the provider. For example, if your URL is, please send us an email from [email protected]. If you do not have an email addresses that matches your organizations URL, we will work to confirm your authority to manage a profile by other means.

Once you are logged in as a provider, you will have the ability to modify any of the fields in the Provider or Program listing. Simply search the system for your listing and select it from the search results. You will be able to edit any of the fields by simply clicking in the field you wish to update and making the desired changes.

Changes you submit will be reviewed by California STEM Network staff prior to the new information being posted. Please allow up to two business days for the approval. If the change is urgent, please contact us directly via email or phone (916) 359-2526.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We have gathered contact information when possible. You can find a provider’s or program’s contact information from their Provider or Program listing page by clicking on the link to their website or clicking on the “Contact” link which will show a phone number and email address if one has been made available.

Not all providers have capacity to expand their programs to all areas. Some programs are quite small and limited in their capacity to expand. Not all providers in the database are accepting new customers.

Have any questions?

Contact us at [email protected]