Social-Emotional Learning is Key to Closing Opportunity Gaps

Starting Early Can Make All the Difference

By Children Now Early Childhood Team

Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, the State was failing to provide adequate learning supports for many children, especially children from low-income communities, children of color, and children who are learning more than one language. Fewer than half of California students meet standards in English Language Arts and Mathematics, and there are significant disparities in education outcomes by race and income. Due to the public health emergency, conditions and circumstances with the potential to undermine children’s well-being – and further increase these inequities – are widespread and worsening. Expanding social-emotional learning programs – especially before children enter school – could boost student achievement and help bridge these gaps.

Children Now developed the infographic below to highlight how early social-emotional learning connects to lifelong learning, health and well-being, and offers steps the State can take to expand and enhance current efforts.

SEL Infographic