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Building Agile Systems to Scale TK-12 STEAM Efforts


Building Agile Systems to Scale TK-12 STEAM Efforts, tells the story about the San Diego Unified School District’s Elementary STEAM Pilot Program. This program, which is now in 48 (almost half) of the district’s elementary schools, has made a significant impact on teaching and learning. Our presenters, Cheryl Hibbeln and Michael Goodbody, share with us how partnerships and relationships built during the program’s development have proved to be critical to help the district navigate the unique challenges posed by the shelter-in-place orders. Learn how teachers and students who are participating in the program were better prepared to make the shift to distance learning, how they transitioned student presentations and group collaboration, assessing student learning, professional learning, and collaborative brainstorming to a distance learning environment. Also learn about the curriculum that has been developed to support the integration of STEAM into the school day.


July 15, 2020


Cheryl Hibbeln, IlluminatED and Michael Goodbody, San Diego Unified School District

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