More than 600 Pro-Kid Organizations Urge the Department of Health Care Services to Ensure Medi-Cal Meets the Needs of CA Kids

More than 600 diverse Children’s Movement member organizations signed this letter telling the California Department of Health Care Services that Medi-Cal managed care plans must be held accountable for providing children the services they need and deserve.

In California, five million children rely on Medi-Cal for their health care. Yet, Medi-Cal is falling far short of meeting their health care needs. For example, fewer than half of kids in Medi-Cal received the annual check-ups they should have received.

Medi-Cal is failing California’s children due to insufficient state oversight. But now there is a chance to change that. The State will be revising Medi-Cal contracts with health plans, opening the door for greater accountability and oversight, and creating a once-in-a-childhood opportunity to ensure that needed preventive care, developmental screenings, and other health care services are available to all kids.