Children Now’s 2018 State Legislative Candidates Questionnaire

Children Now developed a questionnaire for the candidates for the state legislature on a range of children’s issues from home visiting to early education to school funding to supports for foster youth. The candidate’s responses are available verbatim below. This questionnaire is for voter education purposes only. Children Now is non-partisan and does not endorse or oppose candidates for public office.


Assembly Candidates by District


District 9

Jim Cooper (D), Did not respond

Harry He (D), View response


District 15

Buffy Wicks (D), View response

Jovanka Backles (D), View response


District 16

Rebecca Bauer-Kahan (D), View response

Catharine Baker (R), Did not respond


District 25

Kansen Chu (D), View response

Bob Brunton (R), Did not respond


District 29

Mark Stone (D), View response

Vicki Nohrden (R), Did not respond


District 31

Dr. Joaquin Arambula (D), View response

Lupe Espinoza (R), Did not respond


District 38

Christy Smith (D), View response

Dante Acosta (R), Did not respond


District 40

James Ramos (D), Did not respond

Henry Nickel (R), View response


District 43

Laura Friedman (D), View response


District 50

Richard H. Bloom (D), View response


District 63

Anthony Rendon (D), View Response

Maria Estrada (R), Did not respond


District 65

Sharon Quirk-Silva (D), View response

Alexandria Coronado (R), Did not respond


District 67

Michelle Singleton (D), View response

Melissa Melendez (R), Did not respond


District 75

Alan Geraci (D), Did not respond

Marie Waldron (D), View response


District 79

Shirley N. Weber (D), View response

John Moore (R), Did not respond


Senate Candidates by District


District 2

Mike McGuire (D), Did not respond

Veronica Jacobi (D), View response


District 12

Anna Caballero (D), View Response

Rob Poythress (R), Did not respond


District 16

Ruth Musser-Lopez (D), View response

Shannon Grove (R), Did not respond


District 24

Peter Choi (D), View response

Maria Elena Durazo (D), Did not respond


District 26

Ben Allen (D), Did not respond

Baron Bruno (I), View response


District 30

Holly J. Mitchell (D), View response


District 36

Marggie Castellano (D), View response

Patricia C. Bates (R), Did not respond



Candidates in all other districts did not respond.