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Advocacy Toolkit: Engaging School Districts and Leveraging the LCFF for Early Childhood

Children Now has developed a variety of resources and materials to help you build awareness, engage decisionmakers and create opportunities to strengthen early childhood. The resources below are designed to provide early childhood educators, business leaders, policymakers and parents with key information and printable handouts that can be used to engage and build support for early childhood.

The resources are organized into categories and include a short summary to provide some guidance as to their content and use. We will continuously update this page with new materials and information as they become available. 



Make the case for early learning and development investments

This two-page handout provides a succinct overview of the research based impact of early learning on key measures of students success. This is a great resource to build your own understanding of the research as well as to include within a packet that you provide to key audiences and decision-makers. Click this link to download. 

Early Childhood Two-Pagers for each LCFF Unduplicated Student Population

These individual two-pagers provide a quick snapshot that present the impact, relevant data and next steps that decision-makers can take to leverage the power of early childhood supports for each of the Unduplicated Students populations identified within the Local Control Funding Formula (LCFF). Click on the links here to download each as an independent file- low income students, dual language learners, and children in foster care.

An Education Primer- Leveraging the LCFF: Making the Case for Early Childhood

If you are interested in diving in to gain a stronger grounding within the current education landscape, we encourgage you to download this education primer to access a more detailed overview of the LCFF and of opportunities to leverage early childhood. Click this link to download.

Engage Decision-makers 

District Budget & Planning Timelines

This document offers an introduction to the district budget planning process. The information is organized into the four seasons of the year and highlights key events, actions and opportunities that are most relevant for each season. Meant to be used to inform the structuring and timing of your efforts. Click this link to download.

Advocate for Early Childhood Programs in Your School District

This resource provides a quick overview of how to set up a meeting with a school board member as well as offers up some sample talking points that you can refer to during the meeting. Click this link to download. 


Create Opportunities

Sample Letter to District Decision-maker to Adopt ECE Resolution

This letter provides sample language and highlights key elements that need to be personalized. This letter can be used by local early childhood champions to express their interest in and support for the adoption of a resolution that recognizes the districts commitment to early childhood supports. Click this link to download. 

Early Childhood Resolution Template

This resource is designed as a template that allows for you to directly type in the missing information in order to personalie the document for use within your district. Click this link to download. 

Early Childhood Sample Resolution Language

This document provides access to additional language that can be incorporated into a local district resolution. Click this link to download. 

Leveraging the LCFF for Early Childhood Education

This two-page resources provides a quick introduction to the key components of the LCFF. It also offers key opportunities that exist to incorporate early childhood within the LCFF required Local Control Accountability Plan (LCAP) that each district needs to create to communicate its investments to improve student outcomes. Click on the links here to download the English and/or Spanish versions 

Strengthen ELD in You Community Through LCFF

This one-pager provides a quick summary of how early childhood can be leveraged in support of improving outcomes in relation to the LCFF Priorities. Click this link to download. 

Early Childhood Education Sample LCAP Language

This document centralizes a sampling of actual early childhood related language used by districts within their Local Control Accountability Plans (LCAPs). Click this link to download. 

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