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Both individual and organization members are important to the collective impact of The Children's Movement of California. No matter how you sign up, you'll get all the Movement has to offer. But if you can, please join as an organization.

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Joining simply means being identified as "Pro-Kid" and wanting children prioritized in state policymaking. You'll also receive updates and information about key kids' issues and campaigns.

Joining as an Organization?

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Ted Lempert, President Read Bio

Katie Andrew, Oral Health Senior Associate, Read Bio

Derya Arac, Director, Development and Outreach, Read Bio

Adrienne Bell, Vice President, Development and Communications, Read Bio

Stephen Blake, Senior Advisor, Read Bio

Eliza Brooks, The Children's Movement Fellow, Read Bio

Dave Cartalla, Staff Development & HR Manager, Read Bio

Elizabeth Cavagnaro, Director, Operations and Research, Read Bio

Sharyn L. Church, Los Angeles Director, Read Bio

Ashley De Alba, Research & Operations Assistant, Read Bio

Vincente Jerome Duffy, The Children's Movement Assistant, Read Bio

Eileen Espejo, Senior Managing Director, Media & Health Policy, Read Bio

Jasmine Esquivias, The Children's Movement Fellow, Read Bio

Lishaun Francis, Senior Associate, Health Collaborations, Read Bio

Sara Fung, Senior Associate, Child Welfare Policy Communications, Read Bio

Hannah Guevara, Early Childhood Policy Fellow, Read Bio

Kelly Hardy, Senior Managing Director, Health Policy, Read Bio

Jessica Haspel, Senior Associate, Child Welfare Policy, Read Bio

Beulah John, Associate Manager HR and Operations, Read Bio

Harmony King, Development Assistant Read Bio

Susanna Kniffen, Senior Director, Child Welfare Policy, Read Bio

Stacy Lee, Managing Director, Early Childhood Project Integration,Read Bio

Rob Manwaring, Senior Policy & Fiscal Advisor, Education, Read Bio

Sydney Leigh Martin, The Children's Movement Fellow, Read Bio

Maria Mejia, Communications and Outreach Assistant, Read Bio

Efrain Mercado, Director, Education, Read Bio

Kate Miller, Senior Associate, Early Childhood Policy, Read Bio

Fatima Morales, Policy & Outreach Senior Associate, Health, Read Bio

Josefina Ramirez Notsinneh, Senior Associate, Government Relations, Read Bio

Mike Odeh, Director, Health Policy, Read Bio

Sara Ortega, Special Assistant to the President, Read Bio

Alicia Pérez, The Children's Movement Fellow, Read Bio

Nima Rahni, Design Manager, Read Bio

Amanda Raven, The Children's Movement Fellow, Read Bio

Emily Reece, The Children's Movement Coordinator, Database Administrator, Read Bio

Angela Rothermel, Associate Director, Early Childhood Policy, Read Bio

Marlene Sanchez, The Children's Movement Fellow, Read Bio

Lucy Schaefer, The Children's Movement Fellow, Read Bio

Kristi Schutjer-Mance, Chief Operating Officer & Vice President of Research, Read Bio

Kathy Skrainar, Senior Director, Finance, Read Bio

Emily Shen, Oral Health Policy Fellow, Read Bio

Vincent Stewart, Executive Director of the California STEM Network, Read Bio

Brad Strong, Senior Director, Education Policy, Read Bio

Samantha Dobbins Tran, Senior Managing Director, Education Policy, Read Bio

Dakota Willis, The Children's Movement Fellow, Read Bio

Juanita Wise, Associate Manager Policy and Operations, Read Bio

Danielle Wondra, Senior Associate, Child Welfare Policy, Read Bio

Kacey Wulff, Director, The Children's Movement, Read Bio

Gail Yen, Associate, Health Policy, Read Bio

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