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Stephen Blake

Senior Advisor

Stephen Blake has been involved in public education and governmental reform in California for twenty-nine years. Stephen currently serves as Senior Advisor to Children Now, where he focuses on STEM education, accountability, and key reforms impacting public education; and as principal of Stephen G. Blake and Associates, which provides policy, fiscal, and development consultation to non-profit, governmental, and private entities. Clients have ranged from the S.D.Bechtel, Jr. Foundation, to several state agencies and commissions, to Pivot Learning Partners, Fuse Corps, New America Foundation, and the EnCorps Teachers Program.

Previously, Stephen served as Executive Director of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Governor’s Committee on Education Excellence, whose recommendations have served as the foundation for LCFF and efforts to promote equity, strengthen teacher effectiveness, expand early education, and improve our data and accountability systems; and as Chief Consultant to the Legislature’s Joint Committee to Develop a Master Plan for Education, which produced a first-in-the-nation blueprint for all levels of education.

He preceded those efforts with eleven years of advocacy and system policy development for the California State University, the Superintendent of Public Instruction, and the State Board of Education, and he was a member of the leadership team for the California Education Summit conducted by Assembly Speaker Willie L. Brown, Jr..

Mr. Blake earned his baccalaureate degree in philosophy from Princeton University in 1986.