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Lishaun Francis

Senior Associate, Health Collaborations

As a native New Yorker, Ms. Francis has quickly made California her new home. Her interest in community and social justice has led her to be an avid participant the fight against domestic violence and sexual assault in the Sacramento region. Most recently serving on the Board of Directors for Women Escaping a Violent Environment (WEAVE), Ms. Francis allows her passion for the state of women and children in the world to impact her service to the women and children in California.

In addition to her work in the community, Ms. Francis recently ended her tenure with the California Medical Association (CMA). As an Associate Director with the CMA, her position allowed her to be an advocate for physicians. Although a registered lobbyist, Ms. Francis’ efforts for CMA were concentrated outside of the Legislature. A regulatory advocate, she was responsible for how legislation was implemented--a role equally important as regulatory language is responsible for how many experience the law.

Prior to her post at the California Medical Association, Lishaun spent over four years with the U.S Department of Education and the Legislative Analyst Office (LAO), respectively. At the LAO, Ms. Francis provided fiscal and policy analyses to the State Legislature on issues of mental health, developmental disabilities, and alcohol and drug programs.

Ms. Francis received her Master’s of Public Policy from the University of Michigan, and her Bachelor of Arts in Sociology from Spelman College in Atlanta, GA.