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Eileen Espejo

Senior Managing Director, Media & Health Policy

Ms. Espejo oversees media and oral health policy education and outreach efforts. She is a leader or member of many colaitions, including:
Advisory Member, California Oral Health Strategic Planning Committee
Advisory Member, Perinatal Oral Health Quality Improvement Project
Chair, Alameda County Oral Health Committee
Advisory Member, Alameda County Local Oral Health Plan
Co-Chair, San Mateo County Children's Oral Health Workgroup
Advisory Member, Los Angeles County Local Oral Health Plan
OH2020 Network, National Oral Health Connection Team and Western Region Oral Health Connection Team Leader

Ms. Espejo has directed several conferences bringing together federal policymakers, agencies and advocates to learn about the impact of media on children‘s health including, Is Food Marketing to Children Getting Any Healthier? and The Future of Children’s Media: Advertising in Washington, D.C. Additionally, Eileen leads the organization’s efforts to improve oral health care quality and access for children in California. This work has included leading a medical-dental collaboration project in Los Angeles County to increase dental utilization among children under age 6 enrolled in Medi-Cal, and helping the state implement a pediatric oral health action plan as called for by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services. These projects are now being scaled through the Perinatal Infant Oral Health Quality Improvement Project on which Eileen serves as an advisory member, as well as in Sacramento County. Due to these projects and other advocacy Eileen has supported, she serves in several capacities as a leader in local health departments’ oral health strategic plans.

Prior to joining Children Now, Ms. Espejo was Director of Youth Governance at the Youth Leadership Institute and a Legislative Affairs Associate for the Corporation for National Service. She is an alumna of the University of California, Davis and the Coro Fellows Program in Public Affairs.