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Pro-Kid® Policy Agenda

Pro-Kid Policy® Agenda provides policymakers with comprehensive roadmap to improving California children’s well-being

Jan 14, 2015

Oakland, CA – Released today, the 2015-16 Pro-Kid® Policy Agenda for California is the only comprehensive roadmap available for the state’s policymakers to improve opportunities for California’s children, as it covers the full range of education, health and child welfare issues. The Agenda serves as a call to action to the state’s leaders to make children their top policymaking priority.

There is no lack of evidence that investments in quality programs for children more than pay for themselves in terms of increased earnings and revenues and a stronger overall economy, and result in decreases in healthcare, corrections and other public costs later on. Yet, while California ranks 11th in per capita state and local revenues; it ranks in the bottom half of states in per-capita expenditures on education and children’s health and 40th out of 50 states in overall children’s well-being.

“The Pro-Kid® Agenda lays out the reforms at the state level that our leaders need to enact to ensure we’re doing all we can to help our children succeed,” said Ted Lempert, president of Children Now. “Given the far-reaching impact of these reforms, theAgenda is a critical component of other major agendas facing the state, including the pro-economic growth and the anti-poverty agendas. And, because doing what’s best for kids is a unifying goal, this Agenda is one that can be readily embraced by policymakers across the political spectrum, a range of diverse stakeholders, and the general public.”

The Agenda covers the core children’s policy areas of education, health, child welfare, and cross-sector coordination, with an emphasis on equity, access, quality, and accountability. The Agenda was compiled by Children Now, the state’s leading umbrella advocacy organization for kids and the leader of The Children’s Movement of California. Children Now is a leader or participant in all the major coalitions around the state covering children’s issues and the Agenda reflects the priorities of many these coalitions and partners.

The 2015-16 Pro-Kid® Policy Agenda for California is available here.

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