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Hundreds of organizations push for prioritizing young children in state budget

May 31, 2016


Oakland, CA – More than 450 diverse organizations from across the state are calling on state leaders to make the largest investment possible in California’s early care and education system in a letter released today by Children Now in partnership with the California Alternative Payment Program Association (CAPPA), California Child Care Resource & Referral Network, California Child Development Administrators Association (CCDAA), Child Care Law Center, and Child Care Resource Center. The letter includes signatories from business, education, health, parent, faith-based and community organizations.

“This level of support for investing in our early care and education system is unprecedented. The diverse range of voices represented in this letter to our state’s leaders recognize that high-quality child care and preschool programs are necessary to support working families and the future success of California’s children,” Children Now President Ted Lempert said. “Leaders from across California are sending a clear message -- the time is now to make kids the top priority and invest in quality early childhood programs.”

California’s early care and education system suffered from severe budget cuts during the recession. While there has been some reinvestment, the system is still drastically under-resourced. The Legislature is making decisions now on the state budget and Governor Jerry Brown will have until June 30 to approve the final budget.

The letter and listing of signatories is available on Children Now’s website here. Most of the signatories are members of The Children’s Movement of California, which Children Now coordinates. 


About Children Now: Children Now is a nonpartisan umbrella research, policy development, and advocacy organization dedicated to promoting children's health, education and well-being in California. Children Now also leads The Children’s Movement of California, a grassroots network of more than 1,500 business, education, parent, civil rights, faith, and community-based organizations, as well as thousands of individuals, working together to make children a top priority in public policy. Learn more at

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