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At Critical Juncture 500 California Organizations Affirm Support for Common Core

OAKLAND, Calif.— As students across the state are taking the Common Core-aligned Smarter Balanced Assessments, 500 leading organizations like the California Asian Pacific Chamber of Commerce, California Healthcare Institute, and California NAACP are stepping up to affirm their support at this critical time. To support the updated standards, Children Now brought together this diverse group of organizations to sign on to a public support statement urging California to stay on track with Common Core implementation.

“The strong, unified message is that business, education, equity, community, parent and many other leading organizations across California support Common Core because it’s the right approach for our kids and our state’s future,” said Children Now President Ted Lempert.

Other organizations that have signed on include the California Chamber of Commerce, California STEM Learning Network, California PTA, California Black Chamber of Commerce, California School Boards Association and many more.

“Today, as California’s leading organizations take this unified stand in support of Common Core, I call on leaders in other states to demonstrate the same broad and deep support,” said Lempert. “When you look at the facts, updating our education standards is a no-brainer. Despite some well-publicized opposition, there is overwhelming support for this much-needed reform.”

California voters, including parents, also support Common Core, as demonstrated by a recent poll conducted by California-based research firm EMC Research on behalf of Children Now. The poll found that more than two-thirds (67 percent) of California voters favor the use of the Common Core standards in California schools – that same level of support was shared by parents with school-age children.

Results also indicate that Common Core is strongly supported by California’s diverse populations, with 82 percent of Latino, 77 percent of African-American and 75 percent of Asian voters in support of Common Core. That support is also reflected in the diversity of organizations that signed on to the support statement.

Common Core and the aligned Smarter Balanced Assessments are academic standards for math and English that define what students should know and be able to do at the end of each school year. The updated standards require a greater use of analysis, critical thinking and real-world skills to better prepare students for college and career.

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