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Children Now Response to Governor Brown’s AB 2548 Veto

September 26, 2016


Yesterday, Governor Brown vetoed AB 2548 (Weber), co-sponsored by Children Now and Education Trust-West, which called on the State Board of Education (State Board) to:

  • Establish one aligned school accountability system based on a set of multiple measures, including academic performance, student growth, college and career readiness, and school climate and student engagement, while also ensuring academic achievement is elevated in the new system;
  • Focus on closing gaps in achievement by setting specific school improvement standards that require greater improvement for students that are farthest behind; and
  • Provide usable information on school performance in a manner that is accessible for the public to use and understand.

“We are disappointed that Governor Brown vetoed AB 2548, which received unanimous bipartisan support when it passed the Legislature and was endorsed by hundreds of diverse organizations across the state,” said Children Now President Ted Lempert. “AB 2548 represented an opportunity to establish an effective public education accountability system in California that would ensure student success. While AB 2548 did influence decisions this summer at the State Board, had it been signed into law it would have specifically addressed many issues that still exist with the recently adopted accountability plan.”  

In the months ahead, California will also need to submit a state plan to implement federal law — the Every Students Succeeds Act (ESSA) — which requires the state to show: which measures will be used for accountability; how academic measures will have substantial weight; how the system will close gaps in achievement; the process by which the state will determine which schools are to receive additional support; and how overall school performance will be communicated to the public. 

“There is still an opportunity to address the core issues called for in AB 2548, particularly around closing California’s gap in student achievement,” said Samantha Tran, Senior Managing Director, Education at Children Now. “At this point, all eyes turn toward the State Board to ensure they fix their plan.”

Governor Brown’s veto message can be found, here.

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About Children Now: Children Now is the leading nonpartisan umbrella research, policy development and advocacy organization dedicated to promoting children's health, education, and child welfare in California and creating national media policies that support child development. Children Now also leads The Children’s Movement of California, a grassroots network of more than 1,600 business, education, parent, civil rights, and faith-, community-, and ethnic-based organizations, as well as thousands of individuals, that want to see children prioritized in public policymaking. Learn more about us at

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