TV Ratings

TV Ratings

Identifying Inappropriate Content For Children & Their Parents

It Is Difficult to Monitor Children’s TV Viewing

Parents try very hard to protect their children them from content that may be disturbing. To help them, Children Now was an influential advocate for the creation of both the V-Chip and the television ratings system (also known as the TV Parental Guidelines), two tools that can help parents make more informed choices about the programming their children watch.

In January 2004, Children Now was appointed to the Television Parental Guidelines Oversight Monitoring Board. This board, which is comprised of representatives from the public interest community, broadcast networks, cable stations and industry guilds and associations, aims to inform television producers and distributors about the TV Parental Guidelines and ensure that they are applied accurately and consistently to television programming.

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Giving Children A Voice

In 2008, Children Now and a coalition of children’s advocates filed an amicus brief with the U.S. Supreme Court to protect the laws and rules that safeguard children on the nation’s airwaves.

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In 2004, Children Now testified at a Senate Commerce Committee hearing about the effectiveness of media ratings systems.

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Also in 2004, Children Now filed comments with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) regarding the impact of violent television programming on children.

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