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Good, active parenting and guidance strongly support children’s success.

We provide several useful resources to help you address some of the key challenges you may face with your children. These include how to talk with your kids about difficult topics, such as sex and violence, and how to find affordable health insurance for your family.


Talking with Kids™
Offers practical, concrete tips and techniques for talking easily and openly with young children ages 8 to 12 about some very tough issues, like sex, violence, drugs and alcohol.
Finding Health Insurance
A listing of all California’s health insurance programs, including program overviews, application instructions and links to additional information.
Judging Educational TV
Determining the educational value of the TV shows your children watch can be tough. Our guide will help you.
Childhood Matters Radio
The Childhood Matters radio show features expert advice on childhood issues for parents and all who care about children.
Being Well Learning Well
Spotlights research showing that the health and well-being of California’s students have a direct impact on dropout rates, attendance, academic performance and school revenues.