Media & Technology in Education

Media & Technology
in Education

Harnessing innovation to
impove children's learning

The Future of Media in Children’s Education

Media and technology’s potential to positively impact children’s education is undeniable. Ensuring that this potential is realized, however, will require not only the advancements made by pilot programs, but also will rely on effective advocacy to gain the support needed from policymakers and interest groups to bring any education innovation to scale.

In September 2009, Children Now, in partnership with The Future of Children, a collaboration of Princeton University and The Brookings Institution, delivered a national conference that explored open issues of using media and technology to improve children’s education. The program focused on tweens, featuring research from The Future of Children journal and presentations from top experts in the field.

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Welcome & Keynote Address

Welcome: Ted Lempert, President, Children Now

Keynote Address: Milton Chen, Executive Director, George Lucas Educational Foundation

Remarks: Susanna Loeb, Professor, Stanford School of Education

Panel 1: Learning Throughout the Day:
Examples & Research

Moderator: Elisabeth Donahue, Future of Children

Presenters: Sasha Barab, University of Indiana; Kaveri Subrahmanyam, California State University, Los Angeles; Doug Evans, George Washington University; Eric Marcos, Lincoln Middle School; Jessica Becker, Bayside S.T.E.M. Academy; Nathaniel Carter, Sunset Neighborhood Beacon Center; Sarah Berg, Ripple Effects

Panel 2: Ensuring Media’s Potential to Educate:
How To Achieve the Goal

Moderator: Vicky Rideout, The Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation

Panelists: Sandy Calvert, Georgetown University; Jeanne Elliott, Bayside S.T.E.M. Academy; Gay Krause, Krause Center for Innovation, Foothill College; Craig Wacker, MacArthur Foundation