Healthy Families

Healthy Families

Eligibility & Application Information

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Program Summary

Healthy Families is California’s public health insurance program for children whose families earn too much to qualify for Medi-Cal but don’t make enough to afford private coverage.

Who is eligible?

Children are eligible if they meet the following age and income levels:

AgeFamily Income
Birth to 1 year200% - 250% FPL*
1 to 6 years133% - 250% FPL
6 to 19 years100% - 250% FPL

Infants born to women enrolled in AIM are eligible for Healthy Families if their family incomes are at or below 300% FPL.

*View the 2009 Federal Poverty Guidelines

Other eligibility requirements

How much does it cost?

Monthly premiums range from $9 to $17 with a family maximum of $51. Amount is determined by family income, family size and insurance plan combination (health, dental, vision). Co-payments of $5 are paid for some non-preventive services, with a $250 annual maximum for each family.

To Apply

To apply for Medi-Cal and Healthy Families, call 1-800-880-5305 or click here for an application, to apply by phone, or to find an organization in your neighborhood that can help you apply.

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