Many major food companies have banded together and pledged to stop advertising unhealthy foods to children. Children Now’s report, The Impact of Industry Self-Regulation on the Nutritional Quality of Foods Advertised on Television to Children, finds that nearly three out of four (72.5%) of the food advertised to children on television are from the poorest nutritional category. The industry is not living up to their promise.

Read the report and let us know your thoughts on this topic, below.

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Why do others forget “Children are people too!”

If we look through the eyes of the children what do they see?

By leah louise on 2009 12 22

Try using this as a learning opportunity for a child. Making it a fun game.  Help write a commercial about their favorite toy or food using adjectives and describitve words.  Mention other kinds of products they can sell.  This ia business that focus on a persons senses,emotions and the power of persuasion.  Give examples of product slogans that are familer to a child.  This all to take away your choice away and to convimce you to buy a clients advertisment. it will make you better looking, go faster, feel a certain way, have the best car,bike….

We can take back the power by setting a good example stop buying un healthy foods or watching progams they advertise on. I remember not long ago parents were trying to remove soda, chips, and candy from school lunches now they are all gone.
Children will become more important,as soon as it effect their companies bottom line.

By Lori Gochenour on 2010 02 22

I think that the new proposed tax on unhealthy soda and drinks is necessary for people to wake up and realize that these drinks are not good for you.

By Anonymous on 2010 03 09

school grants are very important for kids and teens later on in life.

By Bob on 2010 10 07

I remember not long ago parents were trying to remove soda, chips, and candy from school lunches now they are all gone.

By jvpl on 2010 10 09

My daughter is 11 and we keep the lines of communication open with our children.. we honest about everything, we answer all questions.. we cant say well” there to young ” cause that would make us naive to think every thing is fine.. I started answering all questions when she started asking, life is not a fairy tail & if you want your child to talk to you & tell you the truth, it starts with the parents.. We r the first roll model & the most important part of our child’s lives. If We do our part just by being honest, truthful, & understand they are individuals & the child knows we except them for who they are ( not what we think they should be) They will make the right choices, & they will always come back to talk to you.. because you r there best teacher..

By shonna mauldin on 2010 10 13

you cant blame a company for some thing YOU gave your own child, its not the company’s job to know what you want or don’t want your child to have, read the labels.

By shonna mauldin on 2010 10 13

I think that because we are smarter now as a society, we know that many foods on the market right now are so bad, they hardly qualify as food. Kids are going to want what they see on television and what their peers are eating. The state of the food market today is that there are more unhealthy foods on the market, full of sugar and no nutritional content, and this stuff is specifically marketed to children. How sinister is that?

The reality is that parents don’t realize that they’re giving their children unhealthy food. What should we do? Force those parents to take parenting classes? We can’t and we shouldn’t. These parents are either not thinking or are so stressed out that they will give their children whatever they ask for.

Companies that make unhealthy foods for kids are just trying to profit at the expense of masses of unhealthy children. It is irresponsible. It wouldn’t be such a huge problem, if it weren’t an extremely effective way for them to profit AS WELL as a huge problem in public health.

Shonna, I wouldn’t feed my children unhealthy food. But many, many parents do. Many people eat whatever food is put on the market. Yes, we can read the label. And if you read the labels, you’ll realize that there is not even a huge selection of food on the market that is healthy. This is a huge problem. And I wouldn’t only care about my own child’s health. This is out of concern for all the children in this country. We have to demand healthy food.

By Catie on 2010 10 14

I always believe that however, much our children are exposed to many media and channels of communication they also look-up to us and listen to what we say so even if foods are advertised and they are unhealthy and we tell them so, then they will respect us

By Jordan on 2010 10 29

The best way to get a company to stop advertising unhealthy items is to not buy them. If you are concerned about your children seeing the commercials turn off the television. Explain to your children what healthy food is and then feed it to them. It is not the big companies fault that they are trying to make money. Its our fault for buying it. My five year old knows McDonald’s is unhealthy. Parents have no excuse.

By Jenn on 2010 11 18

It is sad but I try to talk to my 6 year old daughter about commercials she sees on tv.  If it’s an unhealthy food and I say “oh that has too much sugar” she moves on and thinks of it as a bad food.  I’ve been doing this since she was a baby and I think it has worked very well. People make money off of unhealthy snacks and they want us to by them. They have every right to advertise them. We just have to be present. “Power to the parent!”

By Stefanie Higgins on 2010 12 09

The only reason that companies are getting away with this is because we as the consumer are allowing it. We are not sending the message that we need a change, and until that happens, things won’t.  In recent years, some companies have tried to provide “healthier” options, but this seems merely like an attempt to squelch any mumblings from the health nuts. In reality the options they are introducing are just as bad for you and in some cases worse. The short of it: The companies follow the consumer,so they won’t change unless the consumer does.

By Bill on 2010 12 14

Nothing will change unless the consumer changes. The “Food Industry” will always be driven by the consumer’s demands, so as long as people keep buying unhealthy food . . .that’s what will be sold. It’s up to the parents to make healthy choices, and to teach their children how to do the same. The companies are not responsible for that. If we want to see the food industry change, just stop buying what they are offering. Believe me…it won’t take them very long to come up with something that meets the consumers needs. It’s either that or close their doors.

By Nelson Merdock on 2010 12 20

Yes, they should. Children are unconscious about health. They like to eat foods that are tasty and delicious. Companies are taking this advantage. They make foods delicious not healthy. They attract the attention of the child by advertising on TV. Children, as a result, are attracted and eat the foods. So I think company should be accountable for advertising bad foods. I hope they will not do so in future. Thanks for sharing.

By Dylan on 2011 06 16

Well, I think in that case it’s our parents responsibility to teach our kids about the risk that unhealthy foods can cause their health.

By springkussen huren on 2011 10 05

I remember not long ago parents were trying to remove soda, chips, and candy from school lunches now they are all gone.

By livia9 on 2011 11 02

We have the same problem with the advertising unhealthy food in Russia and Ukraine. Big companies indifferent to the future health of our nation. This is unacceptable, I would like our countries have as much as possible of awareness of this issue by a lot of people.

By Anton on 2012 01 03

Try using this kind of being a studying chance for a kid. Rendering it an exciting video game. Help compose an advertisement regarding favored gadget or perhaps foods making use of adjectives and also describitve terms. Mention other goods they could promote. This ia enterprise that concentrate on a person’s feelings,inner thoughts as well as the strength regarding salesmanship. Give samples of merchandise slogans which can be familer with a youngster. This almost all to adopt absent your option absent also to convimce one to obtain a consumers ad. every time they visit you should seeking, move more quickly, sense in a certain style, hold the very best automobile,bike…

By tuncer on 2012 01 08

I think school lunches are VERY unhealthy!

By anna on 2012 04 18

“...nearly three out of four (72.5%) of the food advertised to children on television are from the poorest nutritional category.”

I’m curious how “poorest nutritional category is defined.” But I don’t doubt it.

By Clyde Atkins on 2013 08 04





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