Understanding how school funding reform will work can be complicated. In order to take the confusion out of school funding we are offering a webinar series.

Leveraging LCAPs to Drive Effective Change

Presented on September 30, 2014
Children Now and Pivot Learning Partners talk about what is in store for district leaders, educators and local community partners as they engage in important LCAP planning/budgeting work in the 2014-15 school year. Learn about how to drive effective implementation and how best to share information on the stages of the planning and budgeting processes so participants understand the key timelines for getting involved, and get recommendations to meaningfully engage community partners at every step of the process.
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LCFF: State Policy Deliberations on the Permanent Regulations

Presented on July 11, 2014
Learn how the state is proposing to implement the new Local Control Funding Formula. This webinar provides updates on what actions the State Board of Education took at their July 10th meeting and tips on how to stay engaged. Make sure you have the most recent information and the tools to weigh in as the state shapes LCFF for years to come.
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LCFF 101: How School Funding Decisions Will Be Made in Your Community

Presented on February 7, 2014
LCFF 101 will give a basic overview of what the current Local Control Funding Formula regulations mean and provide tips for community groups, educators and parents looking to participate in the process at the local level. The webinar will also cover the new Local Control Accountability Plan (LCAP) and provide tips for developing the LCAP in your community.
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Local Control Funding Formula: State Policy Deliberation
and Education Budget Outlook

Presented on January 8, 2014
Understand the latest revisions to the draft regulations approved by the State Board of Education in January and find out what’s next for our new school funding system. Information is also presented about the state’s rosier fiscal picture resulting in significant resources for schools.
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Early Learning & Development and LCFF

Presented on November 13, 2013
Find out how to leverage the recent school finance reform to expand early childhood programs in your area in this webinar.
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In-Depth Policy Updates about the New School Funding System

Presented on October 29, 2013
We’ve been on the ground in communities across the state and know people everywhere are struggling to understand California’s new school funding system. This webinar is geared to make sure everyone — parents, students, educators, school board members, and community and business leaders — have an equal and accurate understanding of the new school funding system. We have been leading the work on school funding reform in Sacramento and understands how all the pieces fit together.
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Local Control Funding Formula: State Policy Deliberation
and Local Community Engagement

Presented on September 12, 2013
The State Board of Education has started to define how LCFF implementation will work, including three regional input sessions held in August. In this second webinar, you’ll get updated on these hearings and other recent developments, and find out what to expect from the state in the coming months.
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Local Control Funding Formula:
Overview and Community Engagement

Presented on August 7, 2013
The first webinar in our series will keep you updated on the current status of LCFF implementation and key milestones — like the State Board of Education’s accountability plan development process — and let you know how you can have your voice heard.
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