California ranks 41st out of the 50 states in children’s well-being. While the vast majority of Californians want all kids to thrive, it’s clearly not happening. We can change that. The Children’s Movement of California is connecting all of the people and organizations that want to see kids’ health and education improved in our state and empowering them to make it happen together.

Individual members and organization members of The Children’s Movement are both important. Individuals are informed and empowered with tools and resources to learn about and improve children’s well-being. The hundreds of organization members receive these tools and resources as well – and demonstrate to policy makers that prioritizing children is a bipartisan, multi-sector, multi-region concern.

Have you asked your organization or business to join? Joining is free, and wouldn’t identify the organization as supporting any specific policy – but would let people know that the organization or business is Pro-Kid.

Asking an organization to join is simple and can be done in person or via email. Once a business or organization has joined, they can post our “Proud to be Pro-Kid” poster to show customers and community members that they support prioritizing kids’ well-being. Check out the Toolkit on the right side of this page for easy, cut-and-paste language about joining The Children’s Movement to use on social media and in emails and newsletters. Here are some examples of organizations and businesses you might be connected to that you could ask to join the Movement:

  • Afterschool Programs
  • Congregations
  • Dental and Medical Practices
  • Clubs/Association Chapters
  • Local Small Businesses
  • Neighborhood Associations
  • Preschools and Child Care Centers
  • Sports Programs
  • Unions

With your help, The Children’s Movement can tip the policymaking scales in children’s favor, where the vast majority of Californians want it to be. 


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