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Children Now's Statement on Governor Schwarzenegger's Budget Revisions

May 14, 2007

Statement from Ted Lempert, president of Children Now, regarding Governor Schwarzenegger’s state budget revisions:

“Governor Schwarzenegger continues to demonstrate his support for programs important to shoring upthe health and education of California’s children.In particular, the revised budget includes an additional $50 million forpreschool expansion to children that are most in need of it, acknowledging that a world-class education system must include preschool.Additionally, the revised education budget covers growth and COLA in Prop 98 and school-based nutrition programs thatimprove both children’s education andhealth outcomes.The Governor’s budget revisions also support children’s health by providing health insurance funding to cover an additional 73,000 children.While this expansion of health coverage is helpful, the Governor and Legislature have the opportunity to work together this year to ensure thatcoverage is provided to all California’s children.

“One budget revision that doesn’t support children’s well-being is the Governor’s proposal to eliminate all cash assistance to children in families not meeting ‘CalWorks’ work requirements.These impoverished children are incapable of solving the challenges their parents face in obtaining work. Therefore, they should not be left without cash assistance for their most basic needs.”

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