Gloria Tristani

Consultant on Media & Telecommunications Issues

Gloria Tristani is currently a Consultant on Media and Telecommunications Issues.  Formerly with the law firm of Spiegel & McDiarmid. Tristani served as a Commissioner on the Federal Communications Commission from November 1997 to September 2001, and in 2002 was the Democratic candidate for United States Senate in New Mexico. While on the FCC, Tristani was committed to ensuring that all Americans are able to share in the benefits of the telecommunications revolution. One of her primary goals was to preserve and enhance universal service in order to ensure that telecommunications services remain affordable and accessible. She was committed to accelerating broadband deployment to rural and other hard-to-serve areas, and to the goals of the “E-Rate” program which provides discounted Internet access to schools and libraries. Tristani was a supporter of the FCC’s Equal Opportunity rules, minority ownership of media properties and low power FM radio. She was actively involved in other consumer issues, including slamming and cramming, children’s exposure to TV violence and to broadcast indecency, and competition in the cable industry. She served as Chair of the FCC’s V-Chip Task Force and member of the National Association of Latino Elected Officials.