Jason Salzetti

Deloitte Consulting, Principal

Jason Salzetti is a Principal in Deloitte’s Public Sector consulting practice. In his 18 years at Deloitte, Jason has served in a variety of leadership roles across a number of industries, most recently as a Board Council member on the Deloitte U.S. Board of Directors.

Jason specializes in selling and delivering large-scale transformation projects, working with large corporations and governments to modernize their businesses. As the Lead Principal for the State of California, he oversees a team of more than 500 professionals who are working with state and local agencies to improve the delivery of services and benefits to individuals and families.

Jason is particularly proud of his role leading the team that developed and currently runs California’s genetic disease screening system. This lifesaving system annually screens more than 400,000 pregnant women and 500,000 newborns for dozens of inherited and congenital disorders.

Jason and his wife Molly live in the East Bay with their two wonderful children. In addition to spending time with his family, he enjoys golfing, running, college sports, traveling and volunteering. He is a graduate of UCLA with a BS in Mathematics. Before Deloitte, he was a systems engineer for a litigation support firm in Los Angeles.