Raising a child is probably the most gratifying job any of us will ever have—and one of the toughest. We live in an increasingly complex world that challenges us every day with a wide range of issues that can be difficult for children to understand and for adults to explain to them.

These practical tips and techniques can help you talk easily and openly with young children ages 8 to 12 about some very tough topics.

Talk with Your Kids About…

10 Helpful Tips

Here are 10 helpful tips for you in talking with children about any difficult topic:

  1. Start early.
  2. Initiate conversations with your child.
  3. ...Even about sex and sexuality.
  4. Create an open environment.
  5. Communicate your own values.
  6. Listen to your child.
  7. Try to be honest.
  8. Be patient.
  9. Use everyday opportunities to talk.
  10. Talk about it again. And, again.

National Endorsers

American Academy of Pediatrics
Boys & Girls Clubs of America
Girls Incorporated
National PTA
National Association of Elementary School Principals
National Association of Secondary School Principals
National Council of Churches
National Council of La Raza
Recording Industry Association of America