Fall Colors: Prime Time Diversity Report, 2003

Jan 02, 2003

Download file: fall_colors_2003.pdf

Today, 40 percent of American youth ages 19 and under are children of color, yet few of the faces they see on television represent their race or cultural heritage. Similarly, though females slightly outnumber males in the real world, prime-time television continues to present a world that is overwhelmingly male. Therefore, television not only fails to accurately reflect the world in which young people live, but it also sends a message that some groups of people are more valued by society and worthy of attention than others. Five years after Children Now’s first study of diversity on prime-time television, Fall Colors presents both an overview of the state of racial and gender diversity for the current prime-time season and a five-year longitudinal report on the progress, or lack thereof, that has been made towards achieving a truly diverse prime-time world.

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