The Financing of California's After School Programs, 2005

Jul 01, 2005

Download file: afterschool_report_2005.pdf

As one of California voters’ largest commitment of funding to children, Proposition 49 is an important bellwether. If Proposition 49 fails to roll out successfully due to limited demand for dollars or through an inability to show positive student outcomes, it will be a setback not only for after school in California, but for the entire children’s policy agenda. With the implementation of Proposition 49 approaching, this report aims to identify and address inequities and inefficiencies in the state’s current after school programs before the new funds come into the system.

Through both structured telephone interviews and an Internet-based survey, Children Now collected information from after school administrators about their experience with the ASES and 21st CCLC programs, their thoughts about Proposition 49’s likely impact, and the barriers they have encountered in financing high-quality after school programs. Respondents to the Internet-based survey included 141 after school program administrators.

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