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Should I join as an organization or individual?

What is The Children’s Movement of California?

The Children’s Movement of California is connecting all of the people and organizations that want to see children’s health and education improved in our state and empowering them to make it happen together. Members of The Children’s Movement are provided with the trusted information and easy-to-use tools they need to positively influence state-level policymaking for kids as it is happening. It’s the new force for change our children need and deserve.

Who’s joined The Children’s Movement so far?

An amazing variety of organizations—including businesses, non-profits, faith- and community-based organizations, parents groups, direct service providers, and others—have joined the Movement already, along with thousands of individuals. It’s growing every day.

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How exactly does it work?

Organizations that join are listed below as Pro-Kid and in support of prioritizing children’s health and education in public policymaking. Individuals are not listed, but are just as important to the power of the Movement. All members receive updates on pressing children’s policy issues and have the opportunity to join other members in supporting Pro-Kid campaigns, such as signing on to a joint letter to policymakers urging them to take an action for kids sake. An organization or individual’s name will never be used in support of any specific policy proposal unless they knowingly opt in to support it. There is no cost to join and nothing additional is required to be a member of The Children’s Movement of California.

Why is the Movement needed?

Until now, the broad public support for children’s well-being has been too diffuse to have the impact it should on the state’s policymaking priorities. Consequently, better organized interest groups with much less public will behind them have been able to divert policymakers’ attention away from fixing the issues undermining children’s successful development, such as poor academic achievement. By connecting the many diverse organizations and people that are Pro-Kid to one another and enabling their collective action, The Children’s Movement can tip the policymaking scales in children’s favor, where the vast majority of Californian’s want it to be.

Who started The Children’s Movement of California?

Children Now, the leading non-partisan, multi-issue research, policy development, and advocacy organization dedicated to promoting children’s health and education in California and creating national media policies that support child development, launched and is spearheading the Movement.

For nearly 25 years, Children Now has informed state and national policymaking to improve the lives of millions of children in California and across the country. The organization’s expert policy staff is unique in the range of issue it covers, which includes Early Learning & Development, K-12 Education, Afterschool and Extended Learning Time, Health Coverage and Access to Care, Childhood Obesity, and Foster Care, among others. Children Now’s efforts in these areas are funded by the top foundations in the country, including The California Endowment, The David and Lucile Packard Foundation, The W.K. Kellogg Foundation, and The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

Should I join as an organization or individual?

Both individual and organization members are important to the collective impact of The Children’s Movement of California. No matter how you sign up, you’ll get all the Movement has to offer. But, if you can, please join as an organization. Doing so will help us show policymakers the remarkable diversity and breadth of support that exists for kids – including businesses, non-profits, parents groups, congregations, and others. Joining as an organization will also let everyone know that your organization is Pro-Kid.  [BACK TO TOP]